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The best moment to start something new? Here and now. With Duravit. For anyone who wants to bring life into their bathroom, we develop integrated, harmonious interior designs with technology that enhances your comfort and coordinating furniture.
Take a closer look at Duravit with this sampling of bath products, bathroomn ideas and innovations.

Duravit is working on the bathroom of tomorrow. This means constantly optimizing technologies, modifying products and rethinking our bathroom ranges.

Duravit once again presents the pinnacle of holistic bathroom design. Heightened emotions contrast with state-of-the-art technology, soft forms meet geometric contours.
In the bathroom of the future, it all matches perfectly. Custom design, technology that enhances comfort and hygiene, lasting quality.
Perfectly harmonised products for all bathroom areas.

Nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleaning with water. Also after using the toilet: This is why Duravit developed SensoWash®.

The complete bathroom from a single source --- For the public, semi-public and private sectors --- Flexibility in planning: from price-conscious to premium --- The ultimate in quality, technology, design

Featuring the typical, original Duravit design, the faucets series can be harmoniously combined with all bathroom series.

Duravit offers reliable and convenient in-wall technology for toilets, urinals, washbasins and bidets.

Perfectly designed forms that are neither intrusive nor dominating, therefore leaving ample room for both, individuality and design. 
Perfectly designed forms that are neither intrusive nor dominating, therefore leaving ample room for both, individuality and design.

With various washbasins for installation in consoles, rimless wall-mounted toilets and urinals with low water consumption and even waterless models, DuraStyle offers a large range for a whole host of project categories.

DuraStyle. New freedom in the bathroom. Because simply an ambiance which reflects itself gives your personality air to breathe and space to do your own thing.

Of course, good design isn’t everything, but all the same a well-designed object makes life more pleasant. Even more so if it is affordable. D-Code from Duravit offerns everything - from washbasin to towel rail, consistently designed throughout and with an excellent value.

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