Duravit design in Hamburg's new landmark building

A project that stands between heaven and earth, harbour and city. A house of music set against the backdrop of Hamburg's harbour that uplifts and transports those that visit it. \nOn 11 January 2017, the Elbphilharmonie celebrated its official inauguration with two large concerts by the NDR Symphony Orchestra. In the public bathrooms, the Scola washbasin by Duravit makes its entrance on the Elbe. The designer bathroom manufacturer supplied all the washbasins for this prestigious building in Hamburg.

In 2007, the Hamburg City Parliament gave the go-ahead for the construction of the Elbphilharmonie. It has now been completed. \nThe impressive building with its unique architecture opens its doors and joins the ranks of world-famous concert halls, such as the Metropolitan Opera in New York or the Sydney Opera House. The Elbphilharmonie is more than just a concert hall. It marks the start of something new in Hamburg's harbour. The building stands out without being disconnected from its surroundings. With its interplay of forms and colours, it appears approachable, largely thanks to its wave-like rooftop.

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